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Cafe bar

Easy to operate coffee machines with LCD display guide. High performance commercial blenders with drive coupling made entirely of metal to give smooth & delicious margaritas or daiquiris they have ever had. Ice shaver's with protection shield & high output machines.

    • WC-1

      Bottle Chiller 24l

            View More
    • IM-E-PC-150G

      Ice Cube Maker

      Power: 0.76 Kw Voltage: 220 V   View More
    • ICUM-E-LR-CT-100_130P

      Ice Cube Makers

      Power: 0.68 Kw Voltage: 220 V Net Weight: 52 Kg View More
    • KMB-E-LR-10KW

      Kebab Machine

      Power: 9.9 Kw Voltage: 380 V Net Weight: 34 Kg View More
    • FAC-E-LR-AT-15KG

      Fully Automatic Cap...

        Voltage: 220 V Net Weight: 15 Kg View More
    • SAC-E-LR-MAT-10L

      Semi Automatic Coff...

      Power: 3.7 Kw Voltage: 220 V Net Weight: 58 Kg View More