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Cooking Equipment

Fast heating, uniform furnace temperature, high thermal efficiency fast baking. The equipments are constructed from stainless steel, with heat resistant glass door with silica gel, air proof gasket. Carysil grills & fryers are hygienic, safe & easy to clean they are ideal for chips, sizzling steaks, burgers, eggs & much more.

    • CO-E-LR--8D

      Convection Oven Ele...

      Power: 15 Kw Voltage: 380 V Net Weight: 214 Kg View More
    • CON-O-G--LR-5Q

      Convection Oven Gas

      Power: 0.55 Kw Voltage: 220 V Net Weight: 173 Kg View More
    • COPF-E-LR--85C

      Convection Oven Wit...

      Power: 2 Kw Voltage: 220 V Net Weight: 74 Kg View More
    • DM-E-LR-50MM-30L

      Donut Machine

      Power: 6 Kw Voltage: 220 V Net Weight: 45 Kg View More
    • DF-E-LR-T-1T-10L

      Electric Deep Fryer...

      Power: 3.0 Kw Voltage: 220 V Net Weight: 6 Kg View More
    • DF-G-LR-CT-1T-13L

      Counter Top Gas Dee...

            View More