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Refrigeration Equipments

International quality Ice Cube makers from Carysil are hygienic & clean with wide heat exchange surface with inner hole allowing quicker cooling . The refrigeration units are Eco friendly with adoption of pollution free freezing agent & vesicant. Ultra thick foam door to avoid loss of cooling air, perfect air preservation.

    • SQRDP-E-LR-CHLR-450L


      Power: 1.7 Kw   Net Weight: 300 Kg View More
    • ISC-E-LR-CO-280L

      Island Case

      Power: 1.96 Kw   Net Weight: 258 Kg View More
    • PZW-E-LR-CH-2D-GN

      Pizza Working Chill...

      Power: 0.6 Kw Voltage: 220 V Net Weight: 277 Kg View More
    • STRF-E-BU--4D-500L

      Standard Refrigerat...

        Voltage: 220 V   View More
    • REF-BU-8S-GN-1400L

      Gastronorm Refriger...

            View More